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Harn Impaz Drawer System V8

Harn Impaz Drawer System V8




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his Package adds the White Harn Impaz drawers and inner drawers, and the Black Harn Impaz Office drawer and File drawer to Cabinet Vision Solid.

  • It provides drilling for the drawer box parts, the cabinet ends and the drawer front for CNC output.
  • Single and Full Extension runners included.
  • Plug in and Screw on bottoms included.
  • It also adds 3d graphics for the drawer sides, runners, galleries and brackets etc.
  • The runners and brackets etc are added as a separate parts and materials for reporting purposes.
  • All material descriptions contain the Harn order number after the # symbol.
  • Side Extends can be added via attribute for Gallery-Height drawers.
  • Middle gallery can be removed from Double Gallery-Height drawers.
  • Front Brackets can be switched between screw on or press in.
  • File Cross Rails can be added via attribute for Impaz Office File drawers
  • Impaz Office utilizes steel backs and 3mm bottom panels.
  • The graphics can be turned off per cabinet if having them on causes too much lag on slower computers.
  • Turning off the graphics does not alter the reports or CNC output.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

V8 package is for versions 7R2 and 8.

User Guide

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