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LED Down Light Panels for Uppers

LED Down Light Panels for Uppers




  • The ‘LED DownLight Panel Package’ from Solid IT adds the Light Panel under Upper cabinets to Cabinet Vision Solid.
  • It provides holes for the lights and dadoes for the cables, in the panel, bottom and backs for CNC output.
  • Attributes are used to control the sizes, positions, spacing etc for each of the lights.
  • Up to 9 lights can be added per panel or 1 strip light can be added
  • The panel can be scribed to either side to run under multiple cabinets.
  • Up to 6 different lights diameters can be configured for the lights.
  • The width and depth of the strip light can also be edited as can its in/out position.
  • The materials for the LED lights are added with order codes for reporting purposes.
  • The material for the transformer is also added for reporting.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for Version 11 - Version 12 - Version 2021 and Version 2022

For older versions please contact us.

User Guide

LTPDOWN User Guide


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