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Rails Control
Rail Control for Base Cabinets

Rail Control for Base Cabinets




RLSCTL User Guide

  • This package adds the control of top rails via Room and Cabinet attributes.
  • The front and back rails can be controlled separately.
  • Control can be for the whole room or just one cabinet.
  • Rail widths can be altered.
  • Rails can be switched between vertical or horizontal,
  • Material can be switched to 42x19mm Vinyl wrapped timber.
  • Rails can also be turned off per cabinet.
  • One of the Corner 90 cabinet rails will extend to the back of the cabinet. The extended rail can be swapped from left to right.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for versions 11 ,12 and 2021.

For older versions please contact us.

User Guide

RLSCTL User Guide


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