SolidIT Licensing


SolidIT allows for the copying of purchased SolidIT packages for licensed copies of Cabinet Vision installed on computers that are owned and used by the purchasing company only. Support on how to do this is chargeable or see FAQ's.

Providing installations on computers or licensed software keys and any form of purchased packages from SolidIT to other companies acting as either sole traders or other company structures is not permitted. To obtain and meet SolidIT licensing guidelines additional licenses must be purchased. Failing to comply may jeopardize support agreement with SolidIT and future upgrades to your purchased packages may not be recognized.

Subsidiary company structures.

If your company borrows, hires, loans and licensed copy of Cabinet Vision software from another company and has portions, part or whole of SolidIT packages installed on the computer used for design or cut list functionality where a license fee of $1500 per annum must be paid and registered with SolidIT. All purchases including release dates from SolidIT are recorded for support measures. Breaches of license agreements must be settled ASAP.