To Solid IT,
We at Crown Cabinets & Design are extremely satisfied with the database you installed for us. Since implementing your database we have noticed positive changes in our business
Drafting jobs is much quicker and a lot more enjoyable.
Assembly time has been reduced and our workers are finding that jobs are going together with no mistakes or remakes.
In comparison to our old database, there is a lot more function and control when drafting. We used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make certain things work. With your new database you don’t even have to think anymore. Everything is there at your fingertips and is very simple to learn and use. You are constantly updating and adding new functions for us, as well as developing functions for us that you may not have, in no time at all.
It is great to see someone thinking ‘out of the box’ to help cabinet makers achieve great results with ease.
Keep up the great work!
Frank Trichilo
Director Crown Cabinets & Design